Telling time is important. No matter who we are, where we are and what we’re doing, we’re all bound by the convention of measuring time and organizing ourselves and our lives based on the direct measurement of time. If telling time is important in today’s circumstances, imagine how important it actually is in a SHTF scenario, when your very existence may depend on telling time accurately. The problem is that for a SHTF scenario, a normal watch just won’t do. You can’t expect a regular wristwatch, no matter the manufacturer and the money you spend for it, to actually perform well in rough situations. If they do perform well, it won’t be for long. Fortunately, there are choices available for people like us, who are expecting the inevitable and seek products that will perform well in all sorts of rough situations. Many watch manufacturers have jump at the opportunity and put out a serious of models that are very resistant and accurate and the same time.

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The G-Shock Rangeman Master (G series)

As far as the G-Shock pedigree goes, they’re one of the most established names in the business. And out of all the models possible, this to me seemed to be the best so far (and believe me, I have tested plenty of their stuff throughout the years). The aim from the very beginning was to make this model the best G-Shock ever, and they pretty much succeeded; that’s what the “master” in the name stands for, superiority. You’ve figured out by now that this watch is tougher and more resistant than the others. It does very well in absorbing shocks. And that’s impressive considering the fact that it’s lighter than most previous models. It has a negative display, it won’t snag on clothing and it can even be used as a self-defense tool. If you know Casio products, expect this watch to have everything that you’re pretty much used to by now, except a moon dial. Because of its compact and sturdy design, the Rangeman Master is “the favorite child” of military personnel from all over the world. I can do many things, but disappointing is not one of them.

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The Timex T49612 Expedition (trail series)

Times are a pretty serious competitors on the market and will give Casio a run for their money every chance they get. The Timex products might not be as refined and cutting-edge, but they are tough and look capable of stopping and artillery shell in its tracks. For those of you out there who aren’t familiar with the T49612 Expedition model, I can assure you that this warzone wristwatch is water resistant and shock-absorbent.long range cartridge

The watch’s mechanism is based on quartz, so it’s pretty decent as far as measuring time goes. It has a built-compass which works well and if you’re the adventurous type, you’ll be happy to know it will take up to 660 ft of depth before it shuts down completely. Although the display is LCD, it will save a great deal of battery life thanks to the Indiglotm system, which lights up only necessary portions of the screen. So only the numbers will be lit, which make this watch pretty energy-efficient. This is a very qualitative product that underwent a lot of testing before being released to the general public. You won’t regret having it around your wrist during hard times.


Timex T49612

The Suunto Core Black Military

The Core Black model released by Suunto is without a doubt state of the art as far as durable tactical wristwatches go. Although the core model comes in black, there are other color options available. But if you’re planning on using this during a SHTF situation, wearing a bright green yellow watch around your wrist would be a terrible idea. This is by far the best GPS wristwatch on the market. The precision tracking is unprecedented and it’s equipped with a vast array of sensors and processors that will be able to accurately make out weather patterns and process them in order to release storm alerts. This is a very technological advanced product and is probably the best choice for the techno-junkies. But don’t let its nerdy surface fool you: this watch is a real brute and will take severe punishments like a champ.

suunto core

The NOMOS Glashütte Sonnenuhr

For more extreme situations, when everything has gone to hell twice and batteries or alternative power sources will no longer be available, Nomos have released the Glashütte Sonnenuhr, which roughly translates to “just a sundial”. I know this has nothing to do with wristwatches, but it serves the same purpose and will work without batteries. Besides, it’s simple in design and build from an inexpensive and durable alloy which makes it near impossible to break; not to mention it’s pretty lightweight too. The gadget is based on the same principle as the Mayan sundial. To read the time, you must align the whole of the middle ring with the sign of the current month and hold it up to the sun. The light will hit in a precise spot, indicating the hour. It may not be as comfortable as simply taking a peek at your wrist, but it does work. The Nomos sundial will be perfect as a backup, in case your indestructible watch fails to live up to its name.

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Buying the perfect tactical wristwatch won’t be an easy task, especially if you consider the amount of models available on the market. There is no such things as the ultimate survival watch, but you can always find one that will suit your needs better than all the others. Consider the brand, the precision of the mechanism, battery life, the equipment it comes with (GPS, altimeter, compass, barometer, thermometer, etc.) and last but not least the price. Don’t go spending too much for too little.

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