After a discussion regarding the recent events caused by Hurricane Mathew (that I had with the parents of my daughter’s classmates), I realized how unprepared they are in order to survive in case of a powerful storm. When I asked them to answer some simple questions regarding the steps and methods to be followed in such situations, I was amazed and I can say even pained seeing the degree of indifference and ignorance that I found in them. Above their safety, they have a responsibility to the children and we must be preppered in situations like this. I promised to find useful tips here, I hope to also be useful to other parents:

Prior to the storm:

Pay attention to the radio, browse the web or view the tv to keep yourself upgraded about the weather condition in the upcoming days. Know when you must have to prepare and offer yourself sufficient time to do exactly what has to be done.
Go over about this with your family. Everybody needs to be updated and informed on exactly what to do when the catastrophe comes.
Make a strategy whether you can remain at your house or you have to go to a much safer location.
Be self-dependent throughout the rainy days. Make sure that you have all the standard needs to make it through each day up, until the weather condition ends up being much better.
#1 Have a non-electric analogue telephone or fully-charged smart phones in cases of emergency situation throughout a power blackout.
#2 Pay attention to regional authorities on what to do. If you remained at house and ask you to leave, follow them.
#3 Shut off water to prevent flooding from broken pipelines.
#4 Switch off gas to prevent gas leaks or explosions.
#5 Determine the very best method to leave your home and notify all member of the family where you will all meet when even worse things occur.

Throughout the storm: (If you are staying at home.).

#1 Display the news in the radio or tv for climate condition and updates.
#2 Do not instantly go outside even the storm subsides. The winds can still threaten.
#3 Keep away from all the windows or any parts of your home where any damaged glass can be hazardous. #4 Although you prepare a first-aid package, it’s still much better if you can avoid any injuries.
#5 If there is a power failure, switch off all electrical devices to prevent anymore damages in a power rise.
#6 Leave if you overestimated the ability of your home to stand up to a storm. Go to your neighbour’s home or anywhere near where you feel safe.
#7 Prevent utilizing any electrical devices.
#8 Remain in touch with everybody in your household.


After the storm:.

#1 When power go back to your neighborhood, do not begin all significant electrical home appliances at the same time in order to minimize the damage to power delicate devices.
#2 Know your environments. Observe exactly what locations are safe to stroll on and understand when the correct time to tidy up your home and yard is. The ladders, stairs might be wet and slippery and it can trigger some damage to anybody in the family.
#3 Ensure that your food is safe. Know exactly what you can consume without refrigeration and make sure that your water is still enough.
#4 Take care with handling of devices for cleaning your environments.
#5 If you’re not efficient in fixing major damages in your home, employ some specialists for repair works.
#6 Think about contacting insurer after recording all the damages in your home.

Tips for insurance coverage:

#1 File all exactly what took place in your home. Take pictures as an evidence and make a list of products that are harmed prior to tidying up any mess.
#2 Read your insurance plan completely to see exactly what are and aren’t consisted of prior to providing a call.
#3 Be resourceful on how you will call your insurance provider. Do not depend on couple of contact information.

Pointers for employing specialists:

#1 Examine your insurance coverage initially except for emergency situation repair works.
#2 Do not simply instantly employ anybody. It’s much better to deal with somebody you trust.
#3 Inspect your budget plan and see just how much you can manage.
#4 Be patient with getting in touch with, due to the fact that you’re not the only one who wishes to obtain their repair work services.

Again, this information should be discussed and analyzed together with the whole family. All members are obliged to know exactly what to do in this situations.

Be well!

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