The Prepper’s Guide For The Upcoming Economic Collapse

We’re all seeing the economy crumble and fall. It’s been this way ever since 2008; after the initial devastating impact things gradually worsened. Despite the desperate governmental attempts ofreviving the economy, things haven’t been fixed. The process of decay has been slowed down sure, but trying to fix our economy via reserve funds it’s the same as putting a band aid over a severed limb or trying to keep a house from falling apart with superglue and duct tape. Things have gone from bad to worse; they are so out of hand, that apart from a serious economic reform we’d also need a miracle to get back on track. In today’s geopolitical context, the US will be hit harder than ever by the upcoming recession, which could possibly happen by the end of this year, as all signs would suggest. You’d better believe it that when the next financial crisis hits, things will get so out of hand, that society will crumble in record time. Most government institutions will cease to exist, as a result of economic destabilization. Most people will become jobless, and in order to survive they’ll need to reorganize and work or scavenge for their food. The Darwinian law of “survival of the fittest” we’ll be reinstated amongst humans again. In order to survive, we’ll be forced to adapt and to be able to provide food, shelter and protection for our loved ones. However, dampening the impact of the economic and social collapse is an option. There are certain measures of precaution you can take that will make as prepared as possible for the day when society will revert to primitivism. What will you do when buying food won’t be an option anymore? What’s going to happen when potable water will become a thing of the past? What’s to be done when desperate people will try and take by force the few worldly possessions you have left?

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  1. Be debt-free

Before SHTF, it’s crucial that you don’t owe anything to anybody. Things will gradually get worse and everybody who has anything valuable to collect will start pushing to recover what’s theirs. So whether it’s some sort of institution or a personal friend that you owe money to, pay them back as soon as you possibly can. The faster you do it, the easier it’s going to be when the super-recession sets in.

  1. Invest wisely

In order to reduce the impact of a dying economy, you’ll need to keep your money as safe as possible. The first thing to consider is to invest them as wisely as you possibly can. Don’t invest your hard earned cash into all sorts of dubious markets or businesses. These will be the first ones to drop when everything comes crashing down. Losing your life savings will be the last thing you need in a SHTF scenario that revolves around an economic crisis.

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  1. Keep you money away from banks

Banks shouldn’t be trusted in a crisis situation either. It doesn’t take much for the banking system to fail when the money flow comes to halt. So instead of keeping yourlife savings in a “safe” environment, but keep them around the house, in a secret place. You can improvise a hiding spot that would be secret and hard to reach and you should deposit a large enough sum of money that could sustain you for a while. Another portion of your money should be turned into hard assets (gold, silver etc.), which will become even more valuable and easier to trade in a dying economy.

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  1. Move away from urban areas

Staying out of big cities will spare you a lot of headaches. The economy crash will bring chaos. People will riot and all hell will break lose. Authorities will become underfunded with each passing day and the situation will gradually get out of control. The big cities will suffer most, as crowds of angry people will roam the streets, destroying everything they can get their hands on. You’d be in constant danger, as hooligans will loot and pillage everything in their path. The safest move would be to stay out of their way.

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  1. Make provisions

Food and water will be a major issue, as the stores will close down one by one. You need to be ready for this. You need to make the right provisions in order to survive. You cans store fresh water in plastic containers and for the most serious preppers out there, you could either get a water producing device or dig your own well. Provisions should follow the strict rules of storing, thus you’ll need to keep your food in a proper storage space and in proper storage conditions. The simplest thing you can get is canned food, which is meant to last you a long time. If you don’t like what the market has to offer, you can take your time and preserve your own products. No food stash should go without canned or dried meat, canned or dried fruit, dried beans, salt, honey, seasonings, salt, rice, beans and vitamins or other food supplements.

  1. Warm clothing and tools

When the winter sets in, you might not afford to properly hit your house. Even worse, you might find yourself on the move in order to avoid getting robbed or killed. So keeping some warm clothes around will be worth it. Also you’re going to need many tools to make day-to-day living easier. You’ll need a hunting rifle and a serious stash of bullets (for hunting and protection), an axe for chopping down fire wood, a knife, a compass, lighters and matches, a crank radio, a crank flashlight and personal hygiene items.

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There’s no way in avoiding the upcoming economical apocalypse. But taking the necessary precautions will have you be as prepared as humanly possible. You should stay informed and ready at all times. The end of our society is closer than we’d like to admit. Ignorance will be the death of those who refuse to face the facts. Don’t be one of them.

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