There are tons of articles about guns, shooting and blowing to bits your prey or enemy with the right type of gun; the bigger the better, right? Well… wrong! Too many preppers seem to be going at things the wrong way, and make it seem like there’s nothing else to shooting apart from the gun itself. The quality and caliber of the gun are important, don’t get me wrong, but nobody else seems to give much thought to the methodical process and proper training that is involved in shooting properly. It’s not just a matter of WHAT you’re shooting with; HOW you’re doing it is just as (if not more) important. Pop culture is feeding us the idea that just because we’ve grown up with movies that are filled with people shooting guns, it’s somehow an innate trait and all we need to do to be successful at it is to get our hands on any type of fire power and everything will bow at our feet. Nothing can be farther from the truth, and anybody who did some serious shooting will tell you the same. If you take your time to practice correctly, you’ll eventually become good enough to make even a small caliber seem like an unstoppable force of destruction. Whether you’ll be shooting to protect yourself or hunting for survival, you won’t be successful unless you practice correctly. Let’s see what the key elements for becoming a sharpshooter are.


home defenseEyesight is probably the primordial sense that we possess. Shooting guns relies heavily on eyesight and it’ll be impossible to do it properly otherwise. You’ll need good vision for shooting correctly, especially if you’re going to have to do it over long distances. In short: the better your eyes are, the better your shooting is going to be. If you’re vision it’s not what it’s supposed to, don’t worry about it. You can always shoot with glasses or contact lenses on. Just be careful wile aiming with large calibers; position yourself correctly so that the recoil won’t break your glasses. Your eyesight will become better and more accustomed to aiming with a bit of practice, so keep at it.


You need a tight grip for shooting, and you’ll need to work on your hand-to-eye coordination during target practice. However, a tight grip and a sure hand doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to hold the weapon as if you’re holding on for dear life. Your touch should be firm and gentle at the same time, as you don’t want to press the trigger or tire yourself too early. For pistol shooting, there’s only one way to go at it, especially if you’re a beginner: place your shooting hand firmly on the pistol and wrap your other hand around the shooting hand. This will offer maximum stability and control, as the recoil will be absorbed evenly and will reduce any unwanted side-to-side motion. The technique so often portrayed in movies, in which the offhand is placed on the wrist of your shooting hand is useless and won’t benefit you in any way. IF you’re shooting shotguns or rifles, your grip should be just as tight and your shooting finger relaxed. The offhand should be tightly placed on the barrel and the stock should sit comfortably on your shoulder.



Your body stance is extremely important for shooting accurately. It’s basically the same as any fighting stance. All you must do is to stagger your feet, one in front and the other in the back, is if you’d be boxing. The position is very practical, because it will improve your balance and absorb as much of the recoil as possible; the less negative impact you absorb, the faster you can reacquire your target and shot again. This position also reduces the angle of impact; as you’re placed almost sideways, you’re making it a bit harder for your enemy to hit you in a vital zone. In most cases, police officers don’t go for this stance and they’ll be facing their targets full-front. This is because they’re wearing bulletproof vests and a direct shot in the protected area will be better than having flesh pierced.

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You should really watch your breathing when shooting. During the breathing process the chest expands regularly and this results in body motions. Even the slightest body movement can be enough to make you miss your mark completely. For practice you’ll need to slow down your breathing as much as possible. Breath in gently, and while exhaling (just as gently as inhaling), half-way through take 1 -2 seconds pause. While paused, pull the trigger. This technique is perfect for target practice, but for a real life situation (especially combat scenarios), you shouldn’t pause; just lower your heart rate and breathing as much as you can.


Speed is the last thing you should concern yourself with and should be the last thing on your least. Most probably you won’t become a duelist overnight, but you’ll acquire the trait eventually, with time. You should pay attention to aiming, position and breathing, but with each passing day, try and improve your reactions and movements as much as possible. Reloading is very important, and the faster you do it, the better it’s going to be. In a real life situation, speed is a decisive factor, and could mean the difference between life and death. But don’t worry too much about not being fast enough, you’ll get faster with every practice session.


Shooting is serious business and should be treated as such. I agree that shooting can be fun at the same time, but if you want to take out your target efficiently and without any repercussions, you’ll need to put some time and effort into refining your shooting. If you don’t, having a powerful gun might not help you at all when SHTF and your survival will depend more on your abilities and reflexes rather than your gear. So be responsible and practice!

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