Planning Your Prepper Garden According to Your Region

Gardening is not the same in every state. If you've ever planted food in your garden and had it fail, you may have made the mistake of planting foods that are outside your region. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a map which can help show preppers which foods will grow the best [...]

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Hurricane Katrina – In 2016 we consider ourselves ready?

On August 29, Katrina's storm surge caused 53 different breaches to various flood protection structures in and around the greater New Orleans area, submerging eighty percent of the city. A June 2007 report by the American Society of Civil Engineers indicated that two-thirds of the flooding were caused by the multiple failures of the city's [...]

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Sustenance For Survival: 6 Edible Wild Plants

The main order of business when it comes to a serious survival scenario is finding food. Should you find yourself on the run, in a wild and completely new territory, fresh sources of food might not be that hard to find. The first thing you can get your hands on are all sorts of weeds, [...]

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Hunger Games: Find this Wild Food and You’ll Never Starve

Two weekends ago I spent two days learning from a walking encyclopedia. Mark Warren operates Medicine Bow, a primitive school of Earthlore, in the north Georgia mountains near Dahlonega. Though I attended his Stalking/Tracking class, Mark’s willingness to veer onto other paths and integrate useful plants in the Eastern Woodlands only enhanced my learning experience. One edible plant we discussed was Wapato [...]

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