Keep your house locked and blocked!

Many people don’t even lock their doors! Keep all your doors locked and bolted when you are not at home- or even when you are! Also, keep a block of wood or a metal bar down along your sliding door to prevent it from being opened easily, since many sliding doors can be opened by simply popping off a panel or two. All this can be said for windows as well! Keep your windows shut and locked. You can even apply the block or rod to keep windows securely shut.

Don’t showcase your stuff!

Don’t leave items lyingaround your yard or in an open garage. Put stuff in a shed or garage closed up so your place is not seen as easy picking. Further, keep expensive items from sight of your windows. Why would you have your new flat screenTV or computer system visible from the open window? Either move it from exterior sight, or keep the blinds closed. Oh yeah, remember that new flat screen? If you just bought that or even a new gaming system or fancy coffee maker, don’t showcase those boxes by the end of the driveway either. That could be an advertisement for burglars to say hey, we have expensive new stuff!

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Always make sure that someone is home-Even when they’re not!

Lights, music, talking, and movement are great deterrents for burglars since most do not want confrontation. This is why most break-ins happen during the day: it’s easy when there is no one to stop you, hear you, or call the police on you. We understand that people cannot be home all day, so keep some lights on to make them think that you are! You could even leave on a TV, radio, or music for good measure. Another great thing is exterior lights. They could be on a timer or motion sensor. When there are lights, burglars are exposed, and would rather not take the chance. If you really want to put icing on the cake, you could put fake signs around you property, such as security system signs, beware of dog signs, gun ownership signs, or other general deterrents.

Watch the perimeter!

This means simply that your yard could unwittingly be a safe haven for criminals. Tall bushes and trees that are near your house can be great hiding spots for burglars that are attempting to enter or leave your house since nobody would be able to see them! Trim these to a manageable size or cut them all together! Also, watch for tree branched that are high near your house since they could easily be a second story passage for an intruder. Trees and bushes are nice, but keep them small or non-existent close to your house.

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Forget hiding a spare key!

Unless the spot is really good, forget about it. Under the mat, behind the rock, in the pot…all of these are common spots and easy-ins for burglars. Also, no matter where you hide the key, someone can always watch where you put it. Instead, give the spare key to a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member to hold onto.

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Call in back-up!

Leaving town for the week, or even the weekend? Have a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member check up on the house now and then. Have them change what lights are on and perhaps turn on a TV or music for a bit here and there to simulate home activity. Also, they could spot anything out of the ordinary and call the police. Speaking of police, you could request a drive in check up if you are going out of town! Not only could they check up on your property when you are gone, but they could do a security assessment of your home for you too. Oh yeah, remember that fake security sign to deter criminal activity form earlier? While you are at it, you might as well get a real security system!




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