Having a slingshot in your pocket would be a definite bonus in a survival scenario. I know, it’s not something that you’d necessarily consider a weapon. Especially if you’re stuck on the imagery of the freckled kid that’s up to no good with a slingshot always hanging out from his pocket. It was a fun toy to have for many generations of kids, that’s true. But the right slingshot, in the right hands can become a very efficient weapon, capable of bringing a world of hurt to whomever means you harm. If you’re familiar with the biblical tale of David vs. Goliath, you’ll understand that this tool is pretty ancient and surprisingly, still pretty efficient and reliable. It’s lightweight and versatile and will fit pretty much into any pocket. Not only that, but this little “pocket cannon” will spare you of the trouble or carrying ammo; the ammo is all around you and you’ll never run out of it.

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The slingshot is a very efficient for self-defense tool. If launched hard and precisely enough, your projectile will take out anybody that’s out to get you. Use it cautiously, as it also has the ability to kill. That being said, you can also use it for hunting small game. It’s accurate and deadly from 30 – 40 feet away and it has its advantages over a riffle: it’s silent, it’s easy to maneuver with and it will give you a low profile, which will make you harder to detect. It’s not hard going into DIY mode and making your own, but I’d personally recommend going for a professional slingshot. They are infinitely more durable and precise than the homemade ones. Let’s review some of the best survival slingshots that money can buy.

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The Dankung Air Sniper

This is a very simple and straightforward product, which does what every slingshot is mean to do, except it does it perfectly. It has a pistol-like grip, made completely out of aircraft aluminum. The grip in itself feels very comfortable in the hands; and although aluminum it’s not the most durable metal on the face of the planet, it reduces the overall weight of the contraption, which weighs no more than 0.5 lbs. The grip also features penetrating holes, making it possible for you to “accessorize” your slingshot anyway you like. You can attach a pocket knife, a small flashlight or crank radio and even lanyards. I’ll agree with you that it might suffer a little in the “durability” department, seeing as it’s made out of aluminum. However, if it’s accuracy you seek at the cost of anything else, look no further. It’s narrow gap will help you deliver blows with extreme accuracy, even if you’re not that good of a shot. Aluminum is not exactly a cheap material, so this explains the price of $77.

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The Trumark FS-1

This is a very basic slingshot model. But what it lacks in the looks department, it make up for in the durability department. It’s overall a solid and durable product which doesn’t require tip-toeing around. The plastic of the wrist guard is a bit frail though, but even if it breaks, it won’t affect your shooting.The tubing (the arms) and the wrist guard are made out of aircraft aluminum to make it as light and easy to maneuver as possible. The handle is simple, tough plastic, in which you can store ammo up to 0.5 inches. The ergonomics of the handle allows for a tight grip, but not a very comfortable one. This model comes as basics as possible, which makes it excellent for kids or beginners. But if you decide to step up you game, you can simply upgrade it. The starting price is unbeatable, as the FS-1 model should be around $10-$15.


The Gloveshot

libertygenerator.jpgThe Gloveshot is that type of contraption that you’re not so sure about when you first see it. But once you get to use it, you can’t help but fall in love with it. And it’s not necessarily its accuracy that’s most appealing, but its power. And not wonder, considering it starts with 16 – 17 lbs draw, which with minor adjustments, works equally well for both hands. With this type of power you’ll be able to launch steel projectiles with the upmost ease. Stability is a key component in using such a contraption, so the hand brace that goes around the back of your grip makes it almost as stable is if you were using a full wrist guard. However, full wrist guards are banned from use in many states; the semi-wrist guards that the Gloveshot is fitted with makes it legal.

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The slingshot can come undone, as the stainless nut checks can be removed for an easy fit. The paracord used was tested at 550 lbs, so breaking it will be a near-impossible task. Aiming will require some practice, as it’s closer to aiming a crossbow rather than a slingshot. But once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be unstoppable. The Gloveshot is not exactly cheap at $190, but the money will be well spent.

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Getting and mastering your very own survival slingshot it’s as easy as 1,2,3. All you need is a small investment and a bit of target practice and you’re set to go. There are many more models on the market than the ones I’ve shown, and many of these might be illegal in your state. So do a bit of research before spending your money. And also use your slingshot responsibly, as it can cause irreparable damage to living tissue and even death.


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