If the social structure (which is fragile and unbalanced as it is) will be going to hell due to some “unforeseen” event in the not-so-distant future, humanity will be forced to revert to a more primitive state of being. I’m not talking about a genetic regression worthy of a sci-fi novel; we won’t be devolving back to Neanderthals, that’s for sure. However, the dramatic sudden changes in lifestyle will immensely impact our civility and our social conduit. Along with the economic downfall, the state will lose its grip and control over the masses. The public institutions meant to restore order and uphold the law will become gradually inexistent. It’s times like these that will bring out the worst and perhaps the best in people. Slowly but surely, everything will come down to the law of the jungle, of survival of the fittest. You’ll need to do everything in your power to protect yourself, your possessions and most of all, the people you love. In such a scenario, where you and those you hold dear are forced to survive one day at a time, nothing is better than keeping a low profile. Discretion is key, and the least visible you’ll be, the less danger you’ll be in. But keeping a low profile is anything but easy, especially if you consider that the need for communication and reaching out to people is such a big part of human nature. What will prevail: human nature or the survival instincts?

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  1. Don’t leave your doors open

This is pure common sense, even by today standards. It’s very unlikely to leave your house door (or even car door for that matter) wide opened and not return to a nasty surprise. But I don’t mean it in the sense of leaving for God-knows-where and forgetting your doors unlocked. What I mean is don’t let them open for longer than you have to. Don’t allow anybody that’s outside of the family to sneak a peek inside. Material goods in a poor a starved society will become more and more valuable. Something you might have in your house could catch the eye of an outsider who might rob you or take what you have by force. Desperate people will do desperate things, so protect the privacy of your home by not showing off.

  1. Don’t leave your windows unprotected

Windows are a well known Achilles’ heel when it comes to house security. Window glass breaks really easily, so they’re really no protection at all as far as home invasion goes. Your windows should be fitted with a special security system or simply change you standard window glass to an infinitely more durable upgrade, like polycarbonate or Plexiglas. The hinges and locks could also be replaced with superior products. But the cheapest way to go about safe-proofing your windows is by adding window bars. Even if someone should attempt to remove them, they’ll make too much noise to go unnoticed. IF we’re talking windows, let me add that discretion applies here as well. Don’t leave them open for more than you have to and shut the curtains. The least people know about you, the better.

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  1. Don’t invite strangers into your home

People can be deceiving, and so will go as far as they must to obtain what they want. There’s no doubt that at some point or another some con artist will use any excuse ranging from having had an accident close by to just needing to make a phone call to get access into your home. They might not be looking to immediately rob your place, but they’ll be scouting out the area. It’s a good method of checking whether a house is worth the effort or not. So be wary of who you invite into your house and why.

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  1. Avoid making new friends

People should not be trusted that easily, especially those who are forced to survive in miserable conditions and live one day at a time. I’m not saying to lose your faith in humanity completely and go trigger-happy on anyone who looks at you funny, far from it. But I do advise you to avoid the friendship and companionship of strangers, unless you absolutely have to. You should surround yourself with people whom you already know and trust. And still, sleep with one eye open and expect anything from anybody. As I’ve said before, hunger and misery will bring out the worst in people.

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  1. Keep away from social media

Socializing on the internet should be the last thing on your mind. The less you show yourself in virtual space, the less people in the real world will know you exist. A low profile will make you virtually invisible, especially on social media. But if you must stay connected, do so by using false details. Never use your real name or home address. Take you real details down from all the blogs or sites you signed up to and avoid posting pictures of yourself, your family or your house in public rooms, for everybody to see them.

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Changing your lifestyle won’t be easy, so don’t expect it to be. You’ll face many mental challenges and struggles in a post-apocalyptic scenario, but your survival will become ultimate goal. Once you realize and accept that, things will get gradually easier. The less you show yourself to the world, the less the world will know you exist. Keep attention of you as much as possible and don’t give anybody reasons to come for you.

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