Are Survival Bunkers Necessary for Preparedness?

Survival bunkers are sometimes referred to as bomb shelters. These bunkers are shelters constructed of various materials that you can use to keep your family safe during a disaster. They're a good idea to have because you can stay protected from an attack or other dangers. Having a safe place for your family to retreat [...]

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Homesteading Electricity Options

When families make the decision to become preppers on a homestead, the one major lifestyle change they'll encounter is the loss of electricity. But going off the grid is the most important component of self sufficient living. Just because you're technically off the grid, it doesn't mean you have to go without power completely. We [...]

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Prepper Checklist for Cooking and Canning at Home

Cooking and canning foods at home is so easy that even a beginner can quickly learn how to master it. Making and canning foods at home is also an inexpensive and healthy way to provide food for your family. It's a method where you can set aside provisions in the event of a disaster. But [...]

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How to Defend Your Home in a SHTF Situation

When a SHTF situation happens, it’s highly likely that at some point, you’re going to have to know what to do to protect yourself and those you care about. Whenever there’s chaos in an area, those intent on doing harm to others will look to find someone to target. They’ll want to steal possessions from [...]

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Ebola Hemorhagic Fever Break Out In Western Countries

Might there be an outbreak of the Ebola Haemorragic Fever Virus in Westernised Nations? The World Health Organization has named the 2014 West African Ebola epidemic a global health emergency situation as authorities reveal their concern about the break out moving more rapidly than it can be controlled, and how to stop the exposure to [...]

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Comparing Survival Arms for Your Buying Consideration

Being prepared to protect your family is a wise way to live your life. In ordinary situations, most people won't ever have to deal with using a weapon to keep their loved ones safe. However, situations have been occurring where itís vital to have the right weapon and know how to use it. The media [...]

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How to Survive a Plane Crash

On the off possibility that you are ever in an airplane crash, strength training will assist you endure it. It may appear quite improbable, however those additional muscles will truly be available in useful then. How (precisely) will being strong aid you in a location crash? It will assist you ... Tear Your Escape Of [...]

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Tips Needed in Case of Extreme Storms

After a discussion regarding the recent events caused by Hurricane Mathew (that I had with the parents of my daughter's classmates), I realized how unprepared they are in order to survive in case of a powerful storm. When I asked them to answer some simple questions regarding the steps and methods to be followed in [...]

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Survival Abilities and Devices

Wilderness survival utilized to be part of every day life. Even though we feel secured inside our modern-day cocoons, getting a grip on survival abilities is still a clever 'simply in case' set of abilities to get. Even in today's world, survival abilities are not just for the Backpacker, outdoors lovers or sportsperson anymore. Exactly [...]

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