The Killing Blow: The Next Wall Street Crash Will Put An End To It All

Financial crisis! These are the two words that we’ve been hearing over and over again, year after year, ever since 2008. We’ve got so accustomed to the idea that the economy is torn apart into bits and pieces, that we’ve almost stopped caring. We do know the consequences; we do know that once the economy plummets it will trigger achain reaction so powerful, that the very fabric of society will disappear in no time.  We know everything, but do we really understand the severity of it all? We should, and fast. It’s very little we can do to stop a crumbling colossus from falling, but we can at least get out of his way by making the right preparations and survive in the upcoming chaos. It’s no mystery that the economy will be completely obliterated.Things have been going from bad to worse for almost a decade; the end of the line is getting closer and closer. It’s only a question of “when”. And the numbers (related to the real rate of unemployment, the failed attempts to resuscitate the money flow, the banks losing power) don’t lie and seem to be pointing in one direction: 2016 will most likely be the year our economy will die. Wall Street is like and overly-wounded soldier, whose life would be in peril even from a single paper cut. But what’s coming would be nothing like a paper cut, but more like a direct shot in the back of the head with a 12-gauge-shotgun. And I ask you: what are his chances of survival?

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It’s not just us, it’s the whole world

SACIt’s clear by now that the US economy is going to hell in a hand basket, and sadly, we’ll need to make the best of the hand we’re being dealt. The worse part is that we can’t put our faith in help from the outside. For those of you who know a little about the global stock market, what I’m about to disclose won’t come as a shock: the rest of the world isn’t doing any better either. There are countries who are more stable, that’s true, but they won’t be once Wall Street goes down. Everybody will fend for themselves. This is happening due to the inefficiency of the monetary policy that was implemented by the Federal Reserve. The method based on pouring huge amounts of money in order to jump-start the economy backfired so badly, that it’s left the US stock market immensely overvalued. Not only that, but the available funding has determined a lot of companies (threatened by bankruptcy) to go on a borrowing frenzy; when and if these companies will payback what they owe, remains to be seen. The central banks of the world reduced interest rates to a minimum for a while, but to no effect. Unavoidably, the interest rates will start going back up at some point. And when they do, not only will they destabilize the local economy, but they’ll also impact the Eurozone as well as most of South America and Asia.

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No tomorrow for the working man

But what about the average Joe, that’s used to working for a living and never expected any sort of handout from anybody? What’s it going to be like for him? Well, things are not looking good. As a direct result to the desperate measures of stopping the US economy from going into a coma, the American people have been completely overlooked. As far as wages, savings and financial stability goes for the average Americans, things are going worse than ever. The wages have been stagnant for too long, despite the fact that the market has been fluctuating immensely. With low incomes and increasing interest rates, the average American is having a tough time adjusting. It’s becoming less living, and more day-to-day survival. Many Americans can barely afford food. When it comes to personal savings, issued at study at the end of 2015, which stated that 58% of Americans have $9 or less in their banks accounts, 23% have somewhere in between $1000 – $5000 and only about 19% have $5000 – $10000 + in their savings account. The numbers are really worrying, as over half of the people in the country are completely exposed in case of a following economic disaster.

economic chart

The outcome

The economy feels like a ship that’s taking water and sinking faster than we can fix it. For every hole you patch up, seems there are 3 more appearing. It’s damn near impossible to miraculously fix things over night, make the right investments and adjustments and let things settle. Bud sadly, time has almost run out and we, the American people, seem to be at the wrong side of a (metaphorical) gun that’s about to fire. The battle appears to be lost, but not the war. Do what you must to survive,stay informed and prepare yourself for the worse.  If you’re to survive and economic apocalypse, you’ll need to be ready for it.

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