Might there be an outbreak of the Ebola Haemorragic Fever Virus in Westernised Nations? The World Health Organization has named the 2014 West African Ebola epidemic a global health emergency situation as authorities reveal their concern about the break out moving more rapidly than it can be controlled, and how to stop the exposure to the worst Ebola illness occurrence in history where an estimated 2,500 individuals have succumbed to the infection.

Upsurges of Ebola virus or hemorrhagic fever, have happened primarily in Central and West Africa. Ebola can spread from nation to nation when individuals travel. So it is possible for it to reach the United States and other western countries if a contaminated person travels there.

Exactly what is Ebola Virus or Hemorrhagic Fever?

Ebola is an unusual however fatal virus that spreads through the body triggering substantial and unmanageable blood loss internally of and outside the body due to the concentration of blood-clotting cells within the blood stream dropping. The Ebola virus can be deadly to as many as 90% of infected individuals.

How do you become infected by Ebola?

Ebola isn’t as infectious as more usual viruses like a cold or influenza. The very first occurrence of the sickness in a human is after they come into contact with a contaminated animal such as a monkey, chimp, or fruit bat and it moves from person to person the same way a pandemic starts. Individuals are exposed to the fatal Ebola virus or hemorrhagic fever from direct contact with the blood, secretions or body fluids of an infected person. The disease frequently spreads out through friends and families taking care of an infected individual, by having close contact through feeding or touching them. Individuals can also be exposed to the Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever infection by touching infected surfaces or syringes.

What are the warning signs of Ebola?

Contact with the illness and the beginning of signs ranges from 2 to 21 days. In its early stages an individual infected with the Ebola virus have signs just like a cold or the flu. Symptoms are typically high fever, headache, inflamed throat, muscle and joint aches. As the illness worsens, it causes uncontrolled blood loss within the internal organs of the body, in addition to from the eyes, ears, and nose. Typically individuals will most likely throw up or cough up blood. These extreme symptoms are commonly followed by severe chest pain, shock and death.

How Is Ebola identified?

Often it’s tough for doctors to detect if a person has Ebola simply from the presenting signs. Physicians may test to get rid of other conditions such as malaria or cholera, and could also do blood and tissue sample screening. If you are contaminated with the Ebola virus, you will certainly be separated in a hospital immediately, to prevent infecting the general public with this deadly Ebola hemorrhagic virus, enabling those not contaminated to have the best chance to survive a life-threatening disaster in exposed urban areas.

How is the Ebola Virus managed?

There is no specific treatment for the disease. An infected individual will receive supportive treatment such as maintaining their fluid consumption, oxygen levels and blood pressure, and treating any adverse outcomes of the infection. The disease can be lethal within 10 days of the start of symptoms of the disease.

How is the further spread of the Ebola infection contained?

The containment of the spread of the Ebola viral infection includes isolating the individual and then ‘barrier’ nursing them; with physicians and nurses wearing protective masks, gloves, gowns, and goggles. The purpose of these safety measures is to prevent medical personnel from entering into direct contact with the blood, body fluids and secretions of patients with the potentially fatal disease.


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