Communication Signals And Methods For Survival Scenarios

In a critical situation, whether the world has gone to hell due to war or natural disasters, your survival and the survival of those who you love will depend more and more of your ability to adapt. In a SHTF scenario you’ll need to improvise and to be on your toes at all times. Communication will be key and your capability to give out and to interpret the signals that are being thrown back at you will save your neck. Communication it’s not a problem, especially if you consider the day and age we’re living in. Everybody has a cell phone and everybody can go out and get a radio or a walkie-talkie set to use in hard times. But you can’t rely on these types of technologies forever, not if you consider that they require a power source (batteries) that will cease to be a commodity once the stores close down. You can make battery provisions, but they’ll run out at some point or another. So you’ll need to go back to the basics and learn techniques and methods of communication which mankind has used before the age of electricity. Don’t consider it devolution, but rather a return to the roots. Why look down on something as long as it works, right? I’ll walk you through the best means of communication you can use for when modern communication breaks down.

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  1. Fire and smoke signalling

Fire is your friend, especially during night time. Making yourself visible is very easy to do as long as you have a way of starting a fire. Wood will burn eventually, no matter how green it is, so gathering the material for the fire won’t be a hard task. Carrying a lit torch on you will make you easy to locate; however, this may also play against you. Fire signals are hard to control and you should really assess your situation correctly before starting one. Fire signals will make you visible to everybody, friend or foe. So careful before lighting up that torch; your enemies might spot and get to you before your allies do. If there’s a rescue party out to get you, you can give away your location easiest by building a triangle on ground level and setting it on fire. This is one of the international S.O.S. signals and the rescuers will know that they’ve found you. The location for the fire is very important for the signalling method to work; it should be in a clear and dry enough zone. If fire works wonders at night, it might not be so efficient during daytime. However, fire works perfectly during this time of the day, so you can rely on smoke signals. Setting is very important. Dark smoke works best against alight background and light smoke will more visible against a dark background. Adding anything that is water-based will make smoke lighter: moss, leaves and anything imbued with water. If you’re aiming for darker smoke, add anything made out of rubber or drip a little oil on the firewood.

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  1. Mirror signalling

Using mirrors as a signalling method works great during daytime mostly, and for short-range signals. You can signal your location or give directives with almost anything that’s shiny enough to deflect sun rays. Mirrors would be the item to turn to, but in a desperate situation you just might not have one at your disposal. If not, you could always use a can (a shiny one) or even the blade of your knife. Even broken pieces of glass will get the job done, as long as you can find any. You can find signalling mirrors for sale (on the internet or in army shops) and they normally cost around $20.

mirror signals

  1. Flashlight signalling

Flashlight is another great method for signalling your position of giving a go order, mostly during nigh time. If the flashlight is powerful enough, it will also work during a slightly gloomy daytime. Flashlights can also be used for be used for more intricate and precise means of communication, like a signalling in Morse code or in a similar language. As an alternative to flashlight signalling, you could also use a strobe light. But strobe lights have a disadvantage: because a strobe goes on and off, your rescue party light mistake the flicker for that of a forest fire. So the steadier the light source, the better.

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  1. Whistles

Having a whistle on you might not make you visible, but it will surely help make yourself heard. There’s a great variety of survival whistles to choose from and you can also buy yours from the internet. You can also improvise a whistle for yourself, granted your skilled enough. All it takes is a sharp knife, a dry piece of wood and a lot of patience. But an improvised whistle will never be as efficient as a manufactured one.

  1. Flags & rags signalling

Flags are a classic means of communication, especially if you’re looking for a silent method. You don’t necessarily need to have a flag on you to put a message across or to signal your position.  If you have a flag, great! If not, you can always improvise one from a t-shirt (if you can spare) one or out of an ordinary rug. Piece of clothing and similar materials can also be placed strategically all around the place, so that the other people who might pass by will notice your presence. Also, this would be a great way of letting a rescue party know they’re on the right tracks.


Signalling you position or communicating is not that hard to do, especially of you know a thing or two about it. If others could do it “back in the old days”, so can you if need be. But remember: always thing about signalling your position and do it cautiously. You might catch the eye of the enemy and the consequences could be dire.

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