Hillary vs Trump – Trump has won the first debate?

The competitors for the White House have faced off in what could have been the most-watched presidential debate in US history.The stakes were high as the candidates headed into the debate tied in most national polls ahead of the November 8 election. As US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton exchanged a handshake and [...]

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Prepper Conduit 101: Things To Avoid In Case Of A SHTF Situation

If the social structure will be going to hell due to some “unforeseen” event in the not-so-distant future, humanity will be forced to revert to a more primitive state of being. I’m not talking about a genetic regression worthy of a sci-fi novel; we won’t be devolving back to Neanderthals, that’s for sure. However, the dramatic sudden changes in lifestyle will immensely impact our civility and our social conduit.

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Obtaining Water from Snow and Ice

Water is essential to life, and the ability to transform water from its frozen state into its liquid state is a vital skill for those who intend to spend time above the snow line. In order to learn this skill it is important to first understand the unique properties of water.

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