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$19 Trillion In Debt And Going – The “Straw” That Broke The Camel’s Back

Whether the situation is manageable or salvageable is dam hard to say. Judging by the looks of things, we’re headed nowhere and fast. It seems we’re on a sinking boat and the authorities have no viable solution, nothing worthwhile to bring to the table.

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The Best Cartridges For Long-Range Shooting

Practicing shooting your gun will get you “from zero to hero” in no time. The more hours you’ll put into it, he better you’ll become. Most people will welcome the challenge of shooting from further away each time they’ll notice a slight improvement in their hand-to-eye coordination. And why not; after all, the better you [...]

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19 Facts That Prove Things In America Are Worse Than They Were Six Months Ago

Has the U.S. economy gotten better over the past six months or has it gotten worse? In this article, you will find solid proof that the U.S. economy has continued to get worse over the past six months. Unfortunately, most people seem to think that since the stock market has rebounded significantly in recent weeks that everything must be okay, but of course that is not true at all.

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Sustenance For Survival: 6 Edible Wild Plants

The main order of business when it comes to a serious survival scenario is finding food. Should you find yourself on the run, in a wild and completely new territory, fresh sources of food might not be that hard to find. The first thing you can get your hands on are all sorts of weeds, [...]

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The Ultimate Long-Range Shooting Scopes

As I understand it, more people seem to be taking a liking lately to the possibility (and reality) of long-range shooting. The best thing about long-rangeshooting is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on a professional and very expensive sniper rifle. If you have a rifle that’s powerful and accurate [...]

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Prepper-friendly gadgets: The Toughest Cell Phones That Money Can Buy

Mainstream phones aren’t exactly as tough as they claim to be. This is why they’re not exactly prepper-friendly; preppers require a cell phone that can still work properly, even after taking “a serious beating”. And fortunately, there are some manufacturers that have that area covered. Let’s have a look at the toughest cell phones; the cell phones that won’t break that easily in a SHTF situation.

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Urban Survival: When the Cities Fall Apart, These Strategies Will Keep You Alive

If you are forced to stay in the city after a disaster occurs, all is not lost. I do believe urban survival is possible, but you may need to get creative. Ultimately, being able to survive in an urban setting during a major ordeal depends on multiple factors: specifically, the type of disaster, if basic infrastructure is still up, where you are located, what you have with you and your skill sets

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Ultimate Survival Tools: The Bow And Arrow

The bow and arrow has been an ancient tool in service of man, that’s been present in times of war, hunting and even as a sporting event, which would test the steady hand and the sharp eyesight of the competitors. It’s been the main protagonist in many songs and legends and has made heroes out of men. This particular killing tool has earned its place in folklore and history alike, but it was gradually forgotten as technology progressedand the old ways were replaced by the new. But is the bow and arrow still practical today? You bet!

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