Prepper Ammo and Firearms Storage

You want to set aside a stockpile of ammo and firearms because you may not be able to buy them when you need them. As with any stockpile of supplies, the way that ammo and firearms are stored is important. While you might think that ammo is too durable to get damaged, it's not true. [...]

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Comparing Survival Arms for Your Buying Consideration

Being prepared to protect your family is a wise way to live your life. In ordinary situations, most people won't ever have to deal with using a weapon to keep their loved ones safe. However, situations have been occurring where itís vital to have the right weapon and know how to use it. The media [...]

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5 Cheap Handguns For Preppers On A Tight Budget

I cannot stress enough the importance of owning your very own gun. Whether you’re a gun enthusiast or nor, it doesn’t really matter. If need be, a proper gun will save your skin either way. But getting yourself a rifle might get a bit out of hand, considering they’re not exactly cheap. And if you’re [...]

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Target Practice: How To Improve Your Shooting Skills Permanently

Shooting is serious business and should be treated as such. I agree that shooting can be fun at the same time, but if you want to take out your target efficiently and without any repercussions, you’ll need to put some time and effort into refining your shooting. If you don’t, having a powerful gun might not help you at all when SHTF and your survival will depend more on your abilities and reflexes rather than your gear. So be responsible and practice!

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Ultimate Survival Tools: The Bow And Arrow

The bow and arrow has been an ancient tool in service of man, that’s been present in times of war, hunting and even as a sporting event, which would test the steady hand and the sharp eyesight of the competitors. It’s been the main protagonist in many songs and legends and has made heroes out of men. This particular killing tool has earned its place in folklore and history alike, but it was gradually forgotten as technology progressedand the old ways were replaced by the new. But is the bow and arrow still practical today? You bet!

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Prepper Conduit 101: Things To Avoid In Case Of A SHTF Situation

If the social structure will be going to hell due to some “unforeseen” event in the not-so-distant future, humanity will be forced to revert to a more primitive state of being. I’m not talking about a genetic regression worthy of a sci-fi novel; we won’t be devolving back to Neanderthals, that’s for sure. However, the dramatic sudden changes in lifestyle will immensely impact our civility and our social conduit.

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4 Must-Have Folding Knives

The blade should be sturdy and sharpened at the right angle, the screws should be well placed, the handle should be comfortable and made out of a solid yet light material, etc. You can also buy a pocket knife on a budget, but considering this will be an all-purpose tool for any type of survival scenario, I’d advise you not to. Don’t make any budget cuts in the pocket knife department, but I guarantee that you won’t regret it.

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Ready, Aim, Fire! – The Ultimate Survival Slingshots

Having a slingshot in your pocket would be a definite bonus in a survival scenario. I know, it’s not something that you’d necessarily consider a weapon. Especially if you’re stuck on the imagery of the freckled kid that’s up to no good with a slingshot always hanging out from his pocket. It was a fun [...]

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11 Tips for Buying Your First Handgun

Sometimes, having such a wide array of gun choices can be more of a curse than a blessing. Of course, it’s great that gun technology and manufacturing have evolved to such a point, but if you’re a beginner you simply don’t know which way to go with your first handgun purchase. But it might not [...]

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