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U.S. Economy 2016: 3 Classic Recession Signals Are Flashing Red

Those that were hoping for an “economic renaissance” in the United States got some more bad news this week.  It turns out that the U.S. economy is in significantly worse shape than the experts were projecting.  Retail sales unexpectedly declined in March, total business sales have fallen again, and the inventory to sales ratio has [...]

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$19 Trillion In Debt And Going – The “Straw” That Broke The Camel’s Back

Whether the situation is manageable or salvageable is dam hard to say. Judging by the looks of things, we’re headed nowhere and fast. It seems we’re on a sinking boat and the authorities have no viable solution, nothing worthwhile to bring to the table.

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19 Facts That Prove Things In America Are Worse Than They Were Six Months Ago

Has the U.S. economy gotten better over the past six months or has it gotten worse? In this article, you will find solid proof that the U.S. economy has continued to get worse over the past six months. Unfortunately, most people seem to think that since the stock market has rebounded significantly in recent weeks that everything must be okay, but of course that is not true at all.

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Urban Survival: When the Cities Fall Apart, These Strategies Will Keep You Alive

If you are forced to stay in the city after a disaster occurs, all is not lost. I do believe urban survival is possible, but you may need to get creative. Ultimately, being able to survive in an urban setting during a major ordeal depends on multiple factors: specifically, the type of disaster, if basic infrastructure is still up, where you are located, what you have with you and your skill sets

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Prepper Conduit 101: Things To Avoid In Case Of A SHTF Situation

If the social structure will be going to hell due to some “unforeseen” event in the not-so-distant future, humanity will be forced to revert to a more primitive state of being. I’m not talking about a genetic regression worthy of a sci-fi novel; we won’t be devolving back to Neanderthals, that’s for sure. However, the dramatic sudden changes in lifestyle will immensely impact our civility and our social conduit.

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The Killing Blow: The Next Wall Street Crash Will Put An End To It All

We know everything, but do we really understand the severity of it all? We should, and fast. It’s very little we can do to stop a crumbling colossus from falling, but we can at least get out of his way by making the right preparations and survive in the upcoming chaos.

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Economic Collapse Preparedness: The Best Hiding Spots For Your Valuables And Money

We’re never out of harm’s way, we’re never completely safe when it comes to our life savings. Banks aren’t 100% safe either, especially in today’s critical situation. The economy is slowly but surely fading away and the first institutions that will deal with bankruptcy will be the very banks we’ve put our faith into. The best option we have is to keep our money and goods tucked away in the house, where we ourselves have unlimited control. But as the economy will worsen, the possibility of us falling victims to thieves and burglars will grow. The threat is real, and securing you life savings is beyond necessary.

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These 7 Things Are Better Than Paper Money In The Bank When The Economy Collapses

So you’ve done the hard work of getting your finances in order and now you’re looking to invest your hard-earned surplus into things that will protect or grow it. Keeping your savings as fiat currency in the the banks may not be the safest way to store your wealth. Banks are beginning to give concrete evidence [...]

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The Return Of Crisis – Suddenly banks everywhere are in deep, deep trouble

Financial markets the world over are increasingly chaotic; either retreating or plunging. Our view remains that there’s a gigantic market crash in the coming future -- one that has possibly started now. Our reason for expecting a market crash is simple: Bubbles always burst. Bubbles arise when asset prices inflate above what underlying incomes can [...]

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