How Far We Are From a Great Depression?

It was an Washington Post article I happen to be reading on my phone who triggered this analysis. I find myself wondering: Exactly what dispositions hide here? What is this press reporter not telling me that might offer an analysis fundamentally various from his? The story he has composed is the current on America's worldwide [...]

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Today News – For a Prepper Well Informed

Hurricane Matthew a Category 5 rating, the strongest in the Atlantic since Felix in 2007 Mystery Zika case in Utah may have been spread via tears or sweat 8 Years After US Banking Collapse, Implosion of Megabank Poised to Decimate the Global Economy Russian hacking of the US election is the most extreme case of [...]

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Hillary vs Trump – Trump has won the first debate?

The competitors for the White House have faced off in what could have been the most-watched presidential debate in US history.The stakes were high as the candidates headed into the debate tied in most national polls ahead of the November 8 election. As US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton exchanged a handshake and [...]

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The Next Employment Crisis Is Here: Job Cuts At U.S. Companies Jump 35 Percent In April

Should we be alarmed that the number of job cuts announced by large U.S. companies was 35 percent higher in April than it was in March?  This is definitely a case where the trend is not our friend.  According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, U.S. firms announced 65,141 job cuts during April, which represented a [...]

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Imminent Shutdown – 175 Oil And Gas Companies Might Go Bankrupt By The End Of 2016

It’s seems the US economy is slowly but surely fading away. And no signs are better indicators for the catastrophe that’s about to come than the current situation of oil and gas throughout the whole country. What once was the US’ strongest asset is in a constant and apparently irrecoverable state of being. Almost a [...]

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Preparing For The Inevitable – How To Deal With The Upcoming Economic Collapse

The economic disaster that’s bound to hit the US by the end of 2016 seems to be inevitable. The failed reforms and attempts for financial stabilization, the uncontainableand ever-growing national debt, the instability of the banking systems, the rising levels of poverty andthe struggles of the local industries are all factors that will contribute decisively [...]

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5 Smart Stock Investments For 2016

Considering the way things have been going economic-wise in the US lately, keeping your money or goods anywhere else except home or in a hidden and safe spot might not seem like a good idea. However, despite the fact that the global economy (as well as the US economy) seems to be going to shreds, [...]

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The Financial Domino Effect – How Greece’s Downfall Affected The US Economy

I know that Greece’s current economic situation is not news anymore. But in today’s economical context on a worldwide scale, it’s important to understand how the most affected and weakest link will destabilize little by little the entire global economy. Local economy is fully dependent on global economy. All the countries are intertwined from an [...]

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4 Big Brands That Might Disappear By the End Of 2016

I’ve touched on the subject of economic instability time and time again and I’ve talked about the effects that will disrupt everyday life for regular citizens. As proof of the desperate financial situation the US is in, stands not only the decline in lifestyle for the average Joe, but also well established industrial giants, who [...]

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