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Survival Navigation – How To Find Your Way Out Of The Wilderness

What if when SHTF you find yourself stranded without the convenience of a GPS or a compass? Or what if they brake due to some unfortunate event? Well, there’s no need to just give up and lose all hope, because there are other ways of telling direction and finding your way, even without the wonders of technology. And here are a few tips and hints.

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4 Must-Have Fixed Blade Knives

There are a lot of options when it comes to the tactical / survival knives department. Plenty of manufacturers on the market are competing to release the ultimate survival knife; and many of them have released plenty innovative models. But I won’t be talking about knives in general today; I’ll channel my attention only on [...]

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The Best Cartridges For Long-Range Shooting

Practicing shooting your gun will get you “from zero to hero” in no time. The more hours you’ll put into it, he better you’ll become. Most people will welcome the challenge of shooting from further away each time they’ll notice a slight improvement in their hand-to-eye coordination. And why not; after all, the better you [...]

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5 Awesome Backpacks That You’ll Want to Bug Out With

There’s only so much stuff you can carry on your back, so you’ll need to carry them in bag that you can stake your life on. If you’re just now taking an interest in prepping, here’s a few of the bags that you might want to consider.

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