During tranquil times you need to keep your BOV appropriately signed up and tagged at all times however when the SHTF this requirement might not really hold much water. Nevertheless up until that time actually arrives you should now sign up and tag your bug out car – this is a basic reality of life. Typically the topic of vehicle registration comes up when preppers and survivalists congregate for a meeting of minds. Some individuals rapidly start to ask which states are much better and friendlier for registering their thoroughly built BOV. Myself I prefer the state of Delaware over some of the other places around the nation. Some traveling RV homeowners might choose otherwise. In the end it is truly a matter of what you are searching for and the degree of badgering out you may be planning for.

Recommended States

Those states which are generally considered popular for BOV registration are South Dakota, Nevada, Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, Washington and Oregon. Each state noted has its own quota of favorable and unfavorable attributes. Unfortunately, there is no single state that seems the perfect choice. No one state fits all as they frequently state.

Let’s start by eliminating them one by one. Initially after doing significant research study the state of Nevada was scratched from the list. The same outcomes were acquired from Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, Washington and Oregon. I finally chose to select Delaware because there are no state sales tax in Delaware, no annual individual property tax on my BOV, and a one time two percent tax imposed when the vehicle is first signed up or moved.

Many of my friends are well aware that I use a RV as my bug out car. With this said one of the best advantages that I have found within my house state in regards to vehicle registration of my “War-Wagon” RV is that it qualifies to be signed up as an antique vehicle given that it was built more than 25 years ago my 1989 Winnebago Minnie Winnie that makes it 26 years old is well qualified. The law in Delaware specifies that the car or BOV should be in running condition and utilized as a collector’s item.

In order to register your vehicle as an antique you will initially need to have a safety examination performed at your regional DMV inspection station. When you have finished the quick assessment you will have to actually register the car as an antique. Be sure to take your existing title, registration and chauffeurs license with you when you visit the DMV. Like most states you will also be required to present your proof of insurance coverage card when finishing this stage of registration.


As in anything in life you will be required to pay a DMV cost to cover registration and entitling which was for me around $65 dollars. Exactly what this totals up to is that you will pay a one time fee and have your BOV checked one time just than as long as you own the automobile you will never ever pay any additional cash or have to have it examined again. In my case, I would merely have to go or write to the Motor Vehicle Firm Department in order to restore my registration each year. No further evaluations are required nor payment of any kind. All is not ideal here however for your registered antique BOV can just be utilized for going to and from shows or events. Now if you are going to an antique vehicle show somewhere nothing says you can not go camping or have a bug out exercise at the same time. In my case, I would take my BOV RV to a survivalist get together in Virginia and that would be deemed acceptable use.

When registering your BOV or RV as an antique lorry you need to be thought about a resident of the state. That is one of the important things which the DMV checks when you renew your registration too. How do they inspect? They utilize your driver’s license address to identify your residency. In case you alter your motorist’s license to another state you must also change your registration also. Lots of people utilize a mail forwarding service nevertheless the Delaware DMV will not accept postal addresses. The pleasure of this kind of car registration is that it can be accomplished by mail as long as all the requirements are met.

Anyone consider registering their BOV in another state other than their own need to thoroughly weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each. Do your correct research before making your final decision. If something about the states registration is intolerable for you than by all means think about an alternative state.

I hope that this tips will help you!

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