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How WW3 Will Start

While people in countries around the world have been fighting each other for as long as humans have been on the planet, usually for food, sexual partners or territory, it's only quite recently that they have been fighting over religion. Over the past few millennia, humans have perfected the art of fighting over exactly NOTHING! [...]

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Making a Wise Choice in Long Term Survival Food

There is no uncertainty that effectively prepared and saved emergency situation food will certainly outlast you as well as your household. Ideal made use of by days are essentially none existent when you change to dried types of food supplies. It actually does not matter much that you are saving up for emergency times or [...]

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9 Prepper Mistakes That Might Get You Eliminated

Prepping enables people to increase their opportunities of survival simply in case some unexpected disaster or catastrophe occurs to befall our location. As appealing as it may appear, there are really some basic errors which might otherwise decrease your probability of survival than if you have not prepared at all. Specifically if you reside in [...]

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How Far We Are From a Great Depression?

It was an Washington Post article I happen to be reading on my phone who triggered this analysis. I find myself wondering: Exactly what dispositions hide here? What is this press reporter not telling me that might offer an analysis fundamentally various from his? The story he has composed is the current on America's worldwide [...]

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Bug Out Vehicle Registration

During tranquil times you need to keep your BOV appropriately signed up and tagged at all times however when the SHTF this requirement might not really hold much water. Nevertheless up until that time actually arrives you should now sign up and tag your bug out car - this is a basic reality of life. [...]

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7 Miths About Solar Panels

It was simple to dismiss solar energy as science fiction in the early days. Not only was the technology spotty and inconsistent, however it was also exceptionally pricey. Now that budget-friendly domestic models are available, individuals are finally taking this type of energy seriously. Not surprisingly, its critics have grown more desperate in recent years. [...]

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Finding Food for Outdoor Survival

Humans need water to sustain themselves, long before food becomes an absolute necessity, but if you have ever pondered a situation where you are alone in the wilderness, you probably first thought about food and shelter. Learning how to find food in the wild is a valuable outdoor survival skill. We are so accustomed to [...]

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Today News – For a Prepper Well Informed

Hurricane Matthew a Category 5 rating, the strongest in the Atlantic since Felix in 2007 Mystery Zika case in Utah may have been spread via tears or sweat 8 Years After US Banking Collapse, Implosion of Megabank Poised to Decimate the Global Economy Russian hacking of the US election is the most extreme case of [...]

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Simple Ways to Protect Your Family Before a Disaster Strikes

If you knew that spending 15 minutes right now could save the people you love in the event of an emergency, would you do it? Of course you would! During recent disasters like hurricanes, fires and tornadoes, one need has come to the forefront more than any other -- the need to get a victim's [...]

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