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There is only one thing at the core of my being: unconditional love for my family. There is nothing in the world I wouldn`t do for my wife and kids. If that means I have to prepare for the worst-case-scenarios years in advance, then I`m going to it all the way. Passionately. And that`s how I became a survivalist. I`m constantly trying new ways of protecting my family`s future and well-being. And I`m sharing my experiences with all those Real Americans out there who are just as concerned for their loved ones as I am.
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The Prepper’s Guide For The Upcoming Economic Collapse

In today’s geopolitical context, the US will be hit harder than ever by the upcoming recession, which could possibly happen by the end of this year, as all signs would suggest. You’d better believe it that when the next financial crisis hits, things will get so out of hand, that society will crumble in record time.

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What’s Going To Cause The Unavoidable Downfall Of The Economy In 2016

  As we’ve been reaching the end of 2015, many experts on the side of government officials have assured the American people that the economical ordeal is almost over and from here on in , slowly but surely, things will gradually progress from good to better. And of course, a slight change for the better [...]

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Know Your Knife

Whether you want to survive the urban jungle, or go out into the woods, a knife can give anyone a little extra boost of confidence.

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4 Unconventional Uses For Mustard

Mustard is a great addition to anybody’s kitchen. Not only is it a potent ingredient that will better the taste of pretty much anything it touches (almost anything), but it’s also very healthy. It’s very rich in selenium, nutrients and antioxidants, making it reputable for combating inflammations and relaxing muscles. A single teaspoon of yellow [...]

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4 Amazing Multipurpose Blades For The Outdoors

Owning any sort of multipurpose tools is the way to go; the more you can get done with a single object that you can easily store in a small space is the key to surviving in a hostile environment.

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Edible Insects: Solving World Hunger

The world reserve of petrol won’t last more than 20, maybe 30 years before its completely depleted. But even more important, it’s finding an alternative for when the food runs out. You can live without petrol and other commodities, but you can’t live without food. The best solution at hand is to throw aside culinary “traditions”, toughen up and accept the fact that the best source of food for dark days is insects!

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The Advantages In Using Electric Fencing As Your First Line Of Defense

When it comes to your personal protection and the protection of your property, is there such a thing as “too much”? Hard to say really. But if you have the time and the means, you should spear no expense in securing your home.

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DIY Fertilizers: The Cheap & Easy Way

The banana peel is yet another object you’d be tempted to discard right away. But bananas are rich in potassium (K), and so are its peels.

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Welcome To The Prepper Web

Greetings! My name is Alec Deacon and I’m the owner and founder of theprepperweb.com. I want to share a few things with you about who I am, about what I do and about my reasons and motivations behind it all. I’m a very serious prepper and survivalist, with many years of experience in the field. [...]

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