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There is only one thing at the core of my being: unconditional love for my family. There is nothing in the world I wouldn`t do for my wife and kids. If that means I have to prepare for the worst-case-scenarios years in advance, then I`m going to it all the way. Passionately. And that`s how I became a survivalist. I`m constantly trying new ways of protecting my family`s future and well-being. And I`m sharing my experiences with all those Real Americans out there who are just as concerned for their loved ones as I am.
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Prepper-friendly gadgets: The Toughest Cell Phones That Money Can Buy

Mainstream phones aren’t exactly as tough as they claim to be. This is why they’re not exactly prepper-friendly; preppers require a cell phone that can still work properly, even after taking “a serious beating”. And fortunately, there are some manufacturers that have that area covered. Let’s have a look at the toughest cell phones; the cell phones that won’t break that easily in a SHTF situation.

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Ultimate Survival Tools: The Bow And Arrow

The bow and arrow has been an ancient tool in service of man, that’s been present in times of war, hunting and even as a sporting event, which would test the steady hand and the sharp eyesight of the competitors. It’s been the main protagonist in many songs and legends and has made heroes out of men. This particular killing tool has earned its place in folklore and history alike, but it was gradually forgotten as technology progressedand the old ways were replaced by the new. But is the bow and arrow still practical today? You bet!

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Prepper Conduit 101: Things To Avoid In Case Of A SHTF Situation

If the social structure will be going to hell due to some “unforeseen” event in the not-so-distant future, humanity will be forced to revert to a more primitive state of being. I’m not talking about a genetic regression worthy of a sci-fi novel; we won’t be devolving back to Neanderthals, that’s for sure. However, the dramatic sudden changes in lifestyle will immensely impact our civility and our social conduit.

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4 Must-Have Folding Knives

The blade should be sturdy and sharpened at the right angle, the screws should be well placed, the handle should be comfortable and made out of a solid yet light material, etc. You can also buy a pocket knife on a budget, but considering this will be an all-purpose tool for any type of survival scenario, I’d advise you not to. Don’t make any budget cuts in the pocket knife department, but I guarantee that you won’t regret it.

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Ready, Aim, Fire! – The Ultimate Survival Slingshots

Having a slingshot in your pocket would be a definite bonus in a survival scenario. I know, it’s not something that you’d necessarily consider a weapon. Especially if you’re stuck on the imagery of the freckled kid that’s up to no good with a slingshot always hanging out from his pocket. It was a fun [...]

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The Killing Blow: The Next Wall Street Crash Will Put An End To It All

We know everything, but do we really understand the severity of it all? We should, and fast. It’s very little we can do to stop a crumbling colossus from falling, but we can at least get out of his way by making the right preparations and survive in the upcoming chaos.

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Economic Collapse Preparedness: The Best Hiding Spots For Your Valuables And Money

We’re never out of harm’s way, we’re never completely safe when it comes to our life savings. Banks aren’t 100% safe either, especially in today’s critical situation. The economy is slowly but surely fading away and the first institutions that will deal with bankruptcy will be the very banks we’ve put our faith into. The best option we have is to keep our money and goods tucked away in the house, where we ourselves have unlimited control. But as the economy will worsen, the possibility of us falling victims to thieves and burglars will grow. The threat is real, and securing you life savings is beyond necessary.

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Communication Signals And Methods For Survival Scenarios

Don’t consider it devolution, but rather a return to the roots. Why look down on something as long as it works, right? I’ll walk you through the best means of communication you can use for when modern communication breaks down.

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5 US States That Will Be Most Affected By The Economic Collapse

As an American, I feel insulted and ashamed. The Dollar is dying and we must face the music. All signs point to a catastrophic monetary collapse in the US sometime this year, one that will most likely put an end once and for all to our already dying economy.

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