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There is only one thing at the core of my being: unconditional love for my family. There is nothing in the world I wouldn`t do for my wife and kids. If that means I have to prepare for the worst-case-scenarios years in advance, then I`m going to it all the way. Passionately. And that`s how I became a survivalist. I`m constantly trying new ways of protecting my family`s future and well-being. And I`m sharing my experiences with all those Real Americans out there who are just as concerned for their loved ones as I am.
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Survival Navigation – How To Find Your Way Out Of The Wilderness

What if when SHTF you find yourself stranded without the convenience of a GPS or a compass? Or what if they brake due to some unfortunate event? Well, there’s no need to just give up and lose all hope, because there are other ways of telling direction and finding your way, even without the wonders of technology. And here are a few tips and hints.

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4 Must-Have Fixed Blade Knives

There are a lot of options when it comes to the tactical / survival knives department. Plenty of manufacturers on the market are competing to release the ultimate survival knife; and many of them have released plenty innovative models. But I won’t be talking about knives in general today; I’ll channel my attention only on [...]

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Simple Tricks to Avoid a Break-In

Keep your house locked and blocked! Many people don’t even lock their doors! Keep all your doors locked and bolted when you are not at home- or even when you are! Also, keep a block of wood or a metal bar down along your sliding door to prevent it from being opened easily, since many [...]

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Tough Watches For Tough Preppers: Wristwatches Built To Last

Buying the perfect tactical wristwatch won’t be an easy task, especially if you consider the amount of models available on the market. There is no such things as the ultimate survival watch, but you can always find one that will suit your needs better than all the others. Consider the brand, the precision of the mechanism, battery life, the equipment it comes with (GPS, altimeter, compass, barometer, thermometer, etc.) and last but not least the price. Don’t go spending too much for too little.

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$19 Trillion In Debt And Going – The “Straw” That Broke The Camel’s Back

Whether the situation is manageable or salvageable is dam hard to say. Judging by the looks of things, we’re headed nowhere and fast. It seems we’re on a sinking boat and the authorities have no viable solution, nothing worthwhile to bring to the table.

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  • shooting

Target Practice: How To Improve Your Shooting Skills Permanently

Shooting is serious business and should be treated as such. I agree that shooting can be fun at the same time, but if you want to take out your target efficiently and without any repercussions, you’ll need to put some time and effort into refining your shooting. If you don’t, having a powerful gun might not help you at all when SHTF and your survival will depend more on your abilities and reflexes rather than your gear. So be responsible and practice!

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  • cartrige

The Best Cartridges For Long-Range Shooting

Practicing shooting your gun will get you “from zero to hero” in no time. The more hours you’ll put into it, he better you’ll become. Most people will welcome the challenge of shooting from further away each time they’ll notice a slight improvement in their hand-to-eye coordination. And why not; after all, the better you [...]

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  • edible plants

Sustenance For Survival: 6 Edible Wild Plants

The main order of business when it comes to a serious survival scenario is finding food. Should you find yourself on the run, in a wild and completely new territory, fresh sources of food might not be that hard to find. The first thing you can get your hands on are all sorts of weeds, [...]

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The Ultimate Long-Range Shooting Scopes

As I understand it, more people seem to be taking a liking lately to the possibility (and reality) of long-range shooting. The best thing about long-rangeshooting is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on a professional and very expensive sniper rifle. If you have a rifle that’s powerful and accurate [...]

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