The current states of the US economy has been up for debate for a while now, and try as they might, the government officials can’t beat around the bush anymore. The reality is starring us in the face. We can’t ignore the facts and cocoon ourselves in lies, pretending that the increasing poverty rate, the decreasing employment rates and the ever-growing misery is just a side effect of a recovering, otherwise prosperous economic plan and that all we must do is endure and wait for better days. This “wait it out” tactic is often used by communist regimes in order to calm the masses despite the inhuman living conditions they’re being subjected to. As an American, I feel insulted and ashamed. The Dollar is dying and we must face the music. All signs point to a catastrophic monetary collapse in the US sometime this year, one that will most likely put an end once and for all to our already dying economy.  Once this happens, things will start spiraling out of control, and fast. We’re facing destruction here. Rioting, looting and pillaging will become everyday things. And of course, the poorest states are going to be the ones that will be hit the hardest by the collapse. Things will get out of control quickly, and for your personal safety (and for the safety of your loved ones), you should consider a solid defensive plan or even better, moving. The first step to take is to educate yourself in the matter, so you know what you’re dealing with. Assessing the situation correctly and making the right choices will save your life in such troubled times. I’ll show you which states will become a no-go zone when SHTF and why.

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On paper, Michigan doesn’t appear to be a state that will be subjected to the “fires of hell” in the event of an economic collapse. Some official figures suggest that the automotive industry is in a state of recovery due to new and prolific investments. When it comes to workers proficiency, it’s above the average, as you’ll find high a pretty impressive number of unionized citizens, which leads to a fair number of insured citizens, only 13 – 14% of locals don’t have health insurance. But poverty is Michigan’s biggest problem, as the money here isn’t all that great. The poverty rates stands at about 14.4%.


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Kentucky is yet another state whose situation, in theory, should make it a safe haven in a critical economic situation. And you’d be tempted to think so simply by considering that 25% of the electrical power generated for the whole US is provided by the coal mines of Kentucky. The automotive industry has also been stabilized these last few years, Kentucky being one of the main distributors of trucks and pickups. The unemployment rate isn’t as bad as in other states (9.3%), but the net worth is disastrous. Kentucky is third lowest net worth in the country ($33,319 per capita income) and has a staggering poverty rate of 17.5%. Because of the high poverty level (14.7%), Kentucky is one of the main contenders to becoming a dangerous state to be in after an economic collapse.


The first thing that would come to mind would be gambling, right? Considering Nevada’s reputation, it’s safe to say the state’s biggest source of income is generated by the gambler’s heaven which was built in Las Vegas. But hard times are felt even in the gambling sector, as after the initial recession (2008 – 2009), the percentage of casino goers has dropped about 15% from what it was considered “normal”. Nevada’s isn’t known for its industrial diversity. The tourism sector (which is linked directly to the gambling sector) has also been going down. Because there aren’t many options around, Nevada faces today the highest rate of unemployment in the US: 12.7%.


The agricultural sector in Florida has been doing rather well lately. The crop prices have been going up and it’s still a viable source of employment. In the real estate sector however, Florida has had to face some serious over-night inflation. Its foreclosure rate makes first in the country, with an unimaginable percentage of 13.6. And repairing a state like Florida through the sheer efforts of the labor force is trickier than it may seem. Remember, a huge portion of Florida’s population is made up of the elderly and retirees. The overall unemployment rate stands at about 10.5%, while the share of unemployed out of work for more than 27 weeks is about 48.9%. The poverty rate has been accurately measured at 13.4%.

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Mississippi is a state whose disastrous economic situation is necessarily linked to the economic recession. Truth be told, Mississippi has always had the bad reputation of being one the the poorest states in the US, due of the lack of serious industrial investments and poor standards of education. The unemployment rate in these parts goes as high as 10.7%. Poverty is a real issue here (21.5%), mainly because of the really low per capita income, which is only $29,342. When it comes to the health insurance sector, things aren’t going to well either, as 18% of the Mississippians don’t have health insurance.

The states that are already facing critical financial problems are like barrels of gunpowder waiting to explode. The next (inevitable) fall of the economy will be the spark that blows everything to smithereens. Now you know; al there’s left for you to do is to prepare yourself for the worst and hope for the best. Knowledge is power, so keep yourself informed at all times.

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