Considering the way things have been going economic-wise in the US lately, keeping your money or goods anywhere else except home or in a hidden and safe spot might not seem like a good idea. However, despite the fact that the global economy (as well as the US economy) seems to be going to shreds, it’s not all over… yet. Recession is hitting hard almost everybody and everything, that’s true. But if you’re not the kind of person that likes to keep all his eggs in one basket and doesn’t sleep comfortably on a mattress filled with money and with a gun under his pillow, worry not. There are still plenty of options available on the stock market, seeing that a few companies still have a bright future ahead. Rather than investing your savings in a bank, you could always invest them in a still thriving business; yea, believe or not, there are still plenty of businesses on the market that are continuously growing. And who knows, if the financial experts are right, you could even make a decent profit out of it. So if you feel adventurous and you want to put your money where your mouth is, you can always check the list below and pick one (or several) smart businesses to invest your life savings into.

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  1. Facebook

Facebook is still the worldwide, undisputed leader as far as social media is concerned, and won’t be going anywhere while internet and electricity are still available. This social media giant has an annual revenues estimated to about 16 billion dollars and its notoriety seems to be growing. Facebook is the top holding of the large cap mutual fund called Fidelity Contrafund and as far as numbers go, it recently broke a personal record in the stock growth department. Despite the increasing numbers, experts estimated that the growth is far from over, and the projected earnings growth for 2016 can go up to 32%.


  1. Southwest Airlines

The Southwest Airlines brand is probably the most renowned domestic airline in the US, and its annual revenues go as high as $20 billion per year. The company has been doing rather well lately and it shouldn’t hit “a brick wall” as far as financial status goes anytime soon. The jet fuel prices have been rather low lately and there has been strong demand for the companies services the past few years, which kept the planes flying at almost 90% capacity; this is the stuff hard to break records are made from. There is no way to go but up for the brand, especially since they’ve flights outside the boarders as well (Mexico and the Caribbean area).

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southwest airlines

  1. Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree stores are no more, no less than a bargain. But for the smart investor, the real bargain would be investing in their stocks. The brand has known nothing but success ever since it began doing business on the free market. In 2015 it purchased the Family Dollar brand and has reached the impressive amount of 13,900 stores all across the US. All the venues are expected to generate collectively over $20 billion for 2016. The projected earnings are expected to go as high as 41% throughout the whole year.

dollar tree

  1. Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance

The Ulta brand offers the best that the beauty industry has to offer, with top quality products and professional salons. Because of their “quality before anything else” policy, Ulta has grown immensely and has opened 100 venues a year (more or less). At the moment there are about 820 functional stores, but the management has made it official that the aim is about 1,150 – 1,200 stores throughout the US. Business-wise things have been going tremendously well for the company, as the sales have been rising by approximately 20% with each passing year. The stocks aren’t exactly cheap, but it’s a small price to pay for a company that’s been going really strong these past few years.

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ulta salon

  1. CVS Health

The pharmaceutical company has been a fairly unnoticed presence in the business, until in 2015. Last it the pharmaceutical group took the whole world by surprise by purchasing 1,660 Target pharmacies for $2 billion and another $13 billion for Omnicare. CVS Health has been expanding like crazy and holds annual revenues of about $150 billion. The experts on Wall Street don’t see an end to this aggressive expansion anytime soon, and estimate that sales and profits will go as high as 14 – 15% throughout 2016.

cvs health

If you’re undecided on whether you should or shouldn’t invest your money, the right thing to do is to study the market and decide for yourself whether the investment it’s worth it or not. These are just a few of the companies that would make for a fine investment, as there are plenty still that are doing really well. Just study the market correctly and don’t act on impulse, because losing your life savings isn’t an option.

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