I cannot stress enough the importance of owning your very own gun. Whether you’re a gun enthusiast or nor, it doesn’t really matter. If need be, a proper gun will save your skin either way. But getting yourself a rifle might get a bit out of hand, considering they’re not exactly cheap. And if you’re not a rifle enthusiast, you’d be throwing money out the window. A handgun would probably be best for protection and in hunting in a survival situation, should you ever have to. But handguns aren’t exactly cheap either, not to mention the additional cost of ammo and maintenance tools. You could be spending over $500 in a heartbeat. This is really bad news for people who are shopping for handguns on a budget. Well, believe it or not, there are options available on the market even for those who can’t afford the most expensive products. Not many manufacturers seem to be comprehending the disastrous financial situation of the 21st century and aren’t releasing affordable weapons, but there’s always the option of buying them second hand.If you want to buy reliable yet cheap handguns, I have a few recommendations for you. Just checkout the list below.


The Chiappa M9-22

This comfy and reliable handgun is a .22 caliber which was designed as an homage to the Beretta M9, which has been a standard for the US military ever since early 80s. They’re almost exact mirror images of each other, but similarities don’t stop at looks. The first shot will be fired in double action and each succeeding round will be fired in single action. Just like the original, the Chiappa M9-22 has a decocking lever which permits the chambering of a round and the hammer let down safely. The gun comes fitted with a 10-round magazine, adjustable rear sight and wooden grip. For the tactical preppers out there, there’s also a tactical model with novak-style sights and black grips made out of plastic. From what I see, this can be found anywhere in between $170 – $270.


The Star 9mm

The Star 9mm has been around for a longlong time;since 1920,as records show.It was heavily utilized during World War II, even by the Germans. It’s the brainchild of Spanish gunmaker of Star – Bonifacio Echeverria, SA in Eibar (Basque region) and was pretty popular back in its day. The handgun is extremely durable and reliable. Is made out of pure, which makes it pretty heavy, but not uncomfortable.

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The first model (Model A) was not that refined so I’d suggest not spending your money on it (unless you’re a collector of course). But if you happen to come across the newer models, model Bs or BMs, look no further. Because they’re 150% made out of steel, you’ll most likely find this handgun in good condition for no more than $250.


The Century P64

These handguns were created by the Poles hand had a major part to play during the Cold War. They originally came out in the early 50s and by 1965 they were the standard handgun for both the Polish police and Polish military. This is a 9mm caliber which can be defined by firepower, but it is simple to use and pretty reliable. It comes with a 6 rounds chamber and it has adjustable setting for both single and double action firing modes. It even has the option of allowing the pistol to be loaded even if engaged. Overall it’s a decent handgun that handles really well and you can find it for about $215.


The Makarov

This is one of the most commonly used names in the world, as far as military brands go. The gun was designed by the Russian gun manufacturer named Nikolay Makarov and has been in the service of the Russian military and its allies for over 45 years, but it was imported throughout the world for many years (including US). The gun is a 9mm caliber, very light, easy to conceal and easy to handle. It has about 6.35 inches in length and weighs about 27oz, so concealing it shouldn’t be a problem.  It shoots pretty accurately and considering you’d be caring a piece of history on you at all time, the price range of $200 – $300 doesn’t seem that much.

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The RIA M200 .38

If you’re not the type of guy that looks to conceal its weapons and would rather fire your gun in style, you should check out the RIA M200 .38, as this might be the handgun for you. This monster was released by Island Armory and it weighs about 2 pounds when empty. It’s a 4-inch barrel, 6-round wheelgun that fires in both single and double action. The handling is pretty good, thanks to the combat polymer grip with parkerized finish. You can find this beauty for about $250, but if you’re looking to spend a few extra bucks, you can get the wooden handlesor even the matte nickel finish.

ria m20

These are my favorite options when it comes to buying classical guns. But buying old and used guns should betaken seriously, as you don’t want to get your hands on a faulty contraption that might backfire when you need it most. You should do a bit of research on particular models you’re interested in first, and see how well they perform through time before throwing your money away.

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