Whether you consider yourself to be a prepper or just simply put “the adventurous type”, there are a few things you should never go without. One of the most important things you should always have on you is your very own foldable blade. A pocket knife will serve many purposes while out on the field, and not only. You can use the gadget for a lot of tasks like, skinning and chopping fruit and vegetables, skinning animals, cutting, piercing and even hunting. Of course, some models may be more suitable for some areas than others, so do some thinking before spending your money. When shopping for a foldable knife, the first thing you need to consider is quality. A durable product should last for a long long time. The blade should be sturdy and sharpened at the right angle, the screws should be well placed, the handle should be comfortable and made out of a solid yet light material, etc. You can also buy a pocket knife on a budget, but considering this will be an all-purpose tool for any type of survival scenario, I’d advise you not to. Don’t make any budget cuts in the pocket knife department, but I guarantee that you won’t regret it. One thing’s for sure: you can’t buy quality for next to nothing. So if you want strong steel, a reliable safety lock and comfortable handle bars, stick to the big brands. They never disappoint.

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The CRKT Ken Onion Shenanigan

This mode released by CRKT is extremely strong in the reliability department. The founder of the company, Ken Onion is an inventor and knife designer, one of the best in the business. His brilliance in the filled is fully reflected by the quality and ingenuity of the CRKT Ken Onion Shenanigan model. When opened, the knife has an overall length of 8.25 inches and weighs 3.8 ounces. The handle creates an excellent and natural grip, thanks to the well-placed curves and to the diamond texture. The thumb grip and the finger groves makes it almost impossible to slip. At the bottom half of the blade, close to the handle, you get a small portion of very sharp teeth. This tiny serrated blade is strong and it will cut through almost anything. On top of it all, the blade opens really fast by only flicking the button on the black of the blade with your index finger; the blade locks with a liner lock. The CRKT Ken Onion Shenanigan is made in Taiwan and it costs only $70.


The SOG-TAC Mini Auto Tanto

This model released by SOG Knivesis a military favorite. And with good reason. This tiny folding blade is an all-American slicing machine, born for field action. It is fitted with a push-to-open automatic system. The safety on the folding knife works both ways, as it will lock the blade in place in both open and closed positions. It comes with a reverse pocket clip that screws into a black handle, made out of 6061-T6 aluminum; this make sit light and gives a it a comfortable feel while in hand.The blade is made out of AUS-8 steel, and is equipped with a tanto point and a serrated portion on the lower half of the blade and spine. When opened, the knife measures 6.75 inches, as the handles measures 3.75 inches and the blade measures 3. Because of the light materials used, it weighs only 2.5 ounces. This knife costs about $185 and you can legally purchase it only if you’re in the military or Law Enforcement.

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The Cold Steel Ti-Lite VI

Cold Steel is one of the biggest brands on the market and the Ti-Lite VI is one of the longest foldable knives that money can buy. That are variations, but my personal favorite is the 13 inch model, which has a 6 inch blade and a 7 inch handle. The blade is very sturdy it’s sharpened impeccably. The lock system is very reliable and it will automatically secure the blade in place when opened. The size of the whole thing has both advantages and disadvantages. On the down side, you can barely conceal it, as it will most likely stick out of any back pocket on the face of the planet. On the upside, wielding this baby into battle (for self-defense purposes of course) would be like bringing a sword to a knife fight… literally! If the menacing look of the blade won’t stop the assailant, its sharpness surely will. The Zytel handle is very little and makes for a very good grip. The 6-inch Zy-Ex™ Ti-Lite #26SXPvariation is the best buy in my opinion and costs about $80.

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The Garra II model is a premium folder released by Blackhaw. The 3 inch blade is slightly curved, karambit-style if you will. It’s made out of AUS8A stainless steel to add to its strength and cutting power. It has an overall length of 7.4 inches, which means the handle measures about 4.4 inches. The handle is tough and it comes with a patternmade up of G-10 handle scales and 420J liners, which combined make the handle resistant, comfortable and easy to handle; yes, the grip is excellent. The blade is fitted with dual thumb studs, which offers you to comfort of opening it with a flicker of the finger, no matter the hand you’re using. This tiny knife is excellent for cutting and slashing and it costs about $100.


No matter if you’ll only get one or you’ll go on a shopping spree and buy several models, always make sure you get the right knife to suit your needs. If you’ll buy more than just one, don’t get similar models. Having some diversity to choose from will come in handy should you ever have the need for it. Also, a folding knife is not a toy. Be responsible and keep it away from children’s reach. Always keep the safety on and periodically perform a little maintenance, so that your knife remain reliable for as long as possible.


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