There are a lot of options when it comes to the tactical / survival knives department. Plenty of manufacturers on the market are competing to release the ultimate survival knife; and many of them have released plenty innovative models. But I won’t be talking about knives in general today; I’ll channel my attention only on the toughest and meanest products I got my hands on in these last few years. Fixed blade knives are the toughest and most durable tactical knives that money can buy. And many of these products are so much more than just knives, many have dual edges (serrated or not) and many other options that you could find useful in a SHTF situation.  Not only will they serve they’re purpose in a survival scenario, but they are also excellent combat knives, which will save your skin if you ever need to defend yourself against some wild animal or an attacker. The big names in the business are usually trustworthy and they’re products will last you a life time, providing you don’t neglect them
and perform the proper maintenance every now and then. The knives that I’m about to show you are the top 4 models in my personal collection.


This is probably the most robust fixed blade knife I ever held in my hand. It has a total length of 11 ifolding knifesnches (the
blade measuring 6 inches and handle 5 inches) and it’s a combat knife more than anything. It weighs about 14 oz, which makes it a bit heavy, but that much more deadly. The blade is very thick and hard, measuring a bit over 5mm in thickness. It has an aggressive tanto end, made for jabbing and a serrated edge that will cut through almost anything. The handle is built for maximum grip; it’s made out of G-10 fiberglass laminate and it’s held in place by for screws on each side. The screw system is very reliable, but at the sametime if gives you the possibility of replacing the handle if you wanted to. The base model comes with a pistol grip handle that makes it feel very comfortable in your hand; needless to say that the grip is excellent. The finger guard has tiny holes drilled in it which enables you to lash it to any sort of pole or branch and make a spear for spear fishing or self-defense.



This is a serious option for the sword lovers. It’s a pretty big knife, with a 6 inch blade, made out of the very strong 1085C high-carbon tool steel, with a black epoxy finish. The knife was designed by Allen Elishewitz, which is renowned for his skills and refinement; and the BLACKHAWK! Nightedge is no different. If it’s one thing that sets this knife apart from the rest is its sharpness and slick-looking blade. The edge feels like it can cut through anything really and it also has a partial serrated portion; on the spine you have a secondary, fully serrated edge. The double edge gives you a considerable advantage in hand-to-hand combat. The point of the knife is reinforced, making it that much more reliable when it comes to penetrating flesh or pretty much anything else. The handle is very practical and it’s made out of thermoplastic rubber; it’s equipped with numerous finger groves in order to support different types of grip. I know that shi model is not exactly cheap, but it’s a top class product and as a bonus you also get a black ballistic nylon sheath.



This is a tiny yet robust knife, endorsed by the Navy Seals. The name alone should be enough to make understandbackyard inovator that although tiny, this blade means serious business. The design is classic and simple, as the SOG E37SN-CP Seal Pup Elite strives for simplicity and durability rather than anything else. The edge is just fine for cutting and along the spine you get a serrated portion, meant for tougher materials. The blade measures (barely) 5 inches and it’s made out of AUS-8 steel, which proved to be extremely durable when immersed in salt water. The Navy Seals put the SOG E37SN-CP Seal Pup Elite to an extreme test by immersing it for a 2 week period in sea water; the blade didn’t show any signs of corrosion. The sharpness and finesse of the cutting edge can even turn it into a razor or a surgical blade, if there’s ever a need for shaving or some sort of surgical maneuver. The handle is simple as well, made out of reinforced nylon, which is a strong, yet comfortable material.



This is probably the slimmest and lightest blade in my collection. The reduced weight makes it to carry and hold in any sort of situation. But don’t let its skeletal flimsy aspect deceive you. This tactical blade is made out of AUS-8 stainless steel with HRC 58-60 hardness, meaning it won’t break or bend that easily. The knife measures about 7.4 inches in length (the blade being about 3.3 inches) and weighs a

multipurpose blade
bout 2.4 oz. The blade has a straight edge and the spine is curved, giving it a talon-like aspect. Upon purchase you’ll receive a molded Kydex thermoplastic sheath with tether cord. There’s no traditional handle, but the grip is pretty good thanks to the seven strategically placed holes.


These knives I’ve shown you are the “crown jewels” of my personal collection, and I can vouch for each and every one of them as far as quality goes. But just because they work for me, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll work for you too. There are tons of other models to check out, so do a bit of research before making an actual purchase. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a hidden gem and share it with the rest of us.

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